Multitech Cellular Gateway

-mPower Edge Intelligence operating system
-Secure Boot, data encryption and dual-image partitioning
-Python, C, C++, JavaScript, Node.js
-SX1303 8-channel LoRa baseband processor
-LoRaWAN 1.0.4 specification compliant (software upgradeable to future releases)
-Internal or External LoRa antenna options
-Configurable UDP and Basic Station Packet Forwarder
-LoRaWAN MQTT Broker application

Use Case Applications:
-Managing Smart Buildings: The Conduit AP Access Point can be used to control various devices in buildings. These include sensors that track temperature, humidity, light, and movement. The device gathers data from these sensors and uses it to control things like heating and lighting systems. This helps to save energy and keep the building comfortable.
-Farming: The device can also be used to collect data from sensors spread across a farm. These sensors can track things like soil moisture, weather conditions, crop health, and animal movement. The data is then used to make farming more efficient by helping to decide when to water crops, add fertilizer, or manage pests.
-Managing Store Inventory: In retail stores, the Conduit AP can be used to track inventory. Devices like smart shelves or tags on items can send data to the Access Point. This data can then be analyzed to keep track of stock levels and ensure items are always available. This makes managing inventory easier and more efficient.

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£ 450.00 VAT Excluded

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Terms and Conditions
 1Year subscription minimum 
Setup time: 2-3 Business Days

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