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Our consultants in business process management provide software with an ideal array of features that align with the available computing capabilities and budgets.

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Our BPM consulting services_​

We offer business process management consulting and development services aimed at enhancing enterprise operations. Our expertise lies in assisting clients in strategizing their digital transformation, choosing and integrating business process automation software that aligns with their unique corporate landscapes.

BPM planning

We thoroughly analyze your current business processes to formulate a practical and sequential roadmap for the implementation of workflow automation and business process management (BPM) throughout your organization.


BPM integration

We incorporate business process automation solutions into your current infrastructure, simultaneously updating operational workflows and ensuring synchronization among all BPM components.


BPM  customization

We leverage our technological and business expertise to align BPM solutions with the distinct enterprise landscapes, existing hardware and software assets, and IT management capabilities of our clients.


Custom BPM solution_​

We create and deploy bespoke BPM software that is unparalleled in the market. Tailored software is the ideal choice for businesses requiring the automation of unique business processes that cannot be addressed by off-the-shelf solutions.

Platform based BPM solution_

We harness the functionalities of off-the-shelf software for IT-focused business process management to guarantee the efficient implementation of workflow automation, as well as the smooth integration, customization, and scalability of these solutions.

ERP platforms_ ​

​We utilize the functionalities of pre-built software for IT-focused business process management to ensure the rapid implementation of workflow automation and the seamless integration, customization, and scalability of these solutions.


 Our Odoo expertise

We harness the advantages of the modular Odoo platform, an open-source solution, to construct solutions that are both lightweight and robust, accommodating various workflow types in industries such as retail, wholesale, telecommunications, manufacturing, and automotive sectors.

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 Our SAP expertise

Our certified SAP consultants provide customized ERP solutions built upon SAP modules, covering areas like accounting, distribution and financial management, HR, sales and marketing, manufacturing, technical data management, customer relationship management, field operations, data analysis, and reporting.

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Elevating Efficiency, Embracing Excellence: Unleash the Power of Process

BPM solution delivery cycle 

Our array of business process management services encompasses organized endeavors for launching new BPM applications, refining business workflows, and perpetually enhancing BPM deployments.


We evaluate your existing workflows, diagram their logic, and explore optimal approaches to improve and digitize them while maintaining the integrity of established business cycles.



Our team of business analysts devises a strategy for automating the mapped workflows, employing widely recognized business process modeling notations like BPMN and UPN.



Utilizing the generated models, we provide a comprehensive business process management system and seamlessly integrate it into the broader software ecosystem of your enterprise.


Utilizing automation and standardized workflows within a BPM framework can result in decreased errors and inconsistencies.

Let's discuss your business process automation requirements.

Business process automation

Our BPM solution is an integral component of our business process optimization consulting, which tackles a diverse array of daily challenges across enterprises of various domains. From B2B and B2C transactions to data management, workflow monitoring and analysis, enterprise productivity evaluation, and reporting, our solutions enhance a wide spectrum of processes.


Our expertise lies in automating workflows that form the foundation of vital enterprise operations: 

  • Inventory and procurement management
  • Full-cycle document management
  • Scheduled and event-based outbound communication
  • Enterprise data management
  • Accounting and finance management
  • Supply chain management
  • Production resource planning

Digital assets

Our digital asset management solutions encompass various options, including organized content libraries and expandable content and data management systems that facilitate the following functions: 

  • Management and collaboration of content in multiple formats
  • Centralized management of master data
  • Storage and archival of documents
  • Electronic management of records
  • Data warehousing with multi-tenant capabilities  

BI & reporting

Our solutions amalgamate and analyze data from disparate systems instantly, generating valuable insights that drive data-centric decision-making.

  • Instantaneous data analysis
  • Online Analytical Processing tools
  • Visual representation of data
  • Data mining solutions
  • Adaptable report generation
  • Forecasting analytics

 Make your business more efficient with smart business automation

Robotic process automation

Hype Studio possesses the expertise to enhance an organization's workforce without the need for additional hires. We specialize in designing, training, and integrating digital bots within business process management software. Through the implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), our clients can decrease manual workload, enhance precision in performance, decrease the time allocated to repetitive duties, and steer clear of compliance challenges.

Workflow automation

Smart bots that emulate human actions and follow predefined rules to execute repetitive tasks constituting workflows or sequences of workflows.



Artificial intelligence-driven systems designed to automate the handling and distribution of human-generated requests, expedite issue resolution, gather feedback, and oversee the monitoring of digital assets.


AI assistant

Incorporated chatbots and online assistants facilitating communication between employees and customers, personalized content dissemination, and service evaluation.


Business process modeling: key aspects

Our Step-by-step business process modeling strategy to help you create efficient workflows.

IPA vs RPA :unraveling the differences

In the dynamic and ever-changing business environment of today, automation technologies are assuming a crucial role in redefining how enterprises handle their processes and operational procedures.

Business process management for healthcare 

What BPM solution can revolutionize in healthcare industry find out why and why it is necessary

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