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Strategic process re-engineering and simplification in collaboration with Hype Studio.

SAP support services 

We provide functional support services and maintenance solutions following ITIL ITSM guidelines. Our services encompass the resolution of critical functional issues, the development of supplementary system functionalities, and system upgrades. Whether you require SAP enterprise support services or remote support, whether your goal is to modernize core systems, enhance processes, or drive digital innovation, our SAP support services are committed to delivering excellence throughout our partnership.


SAP Hana and administrative support

    1. Dedicated Hosting Services and Data Co-location: Providing dedicated hosting solutions and data co-location services for your SAP infrastructure.

    2. Application Provisioning, Storage, and Network Administration: Managing the provisioning of applications, storage, and network resources essential for your SAP environment.

    3. HANA Database Installation, Upgradation, and Management: Handling all aspects of HANA database, including installation, upgrades, and ongoing management.

    4. Change Request and Security Management for HANA: Managing change requests and ensuring the security of your HANA database.

    5. Workload Analysis and Optimization of Application Components: Analyzing workloads and optimizing various application components for enhanced performance.

    6. Permissions, Authorizations, Roles, and User Management: Managing permissions, authorizations, roles, and user access within the SAP system.

    7. Remote Support Monitoring and Disaster Recovery Solutions: Implementing remote support monitoring and disaster recovery strategies to ensure business continuity.

    8. Building, Optimizing, and Extending SAP Applications and System Landscapes: Collaborating on the development, optimization, and expansion of SAP applications and system environments.

SAP Basis

We provide expertise in various aspects of SAP NetWeaver architecture, including both ABAP and JAVA stacks. Our services encompass:

    1. Designing SAP Landscape and Hardware Configuration: Strategically planning and configuring SAP landscapes and associated hardware.

    2. User Administration and Profile Maintenance: Managing user accounts, roles, and profile maintenance within SAP systems.

    3. Configuring, Testing, and Running RFC (Remote Function Calls): Setting up, testing, and executing RFC for efficient communication between SAP and other systems.

    4. Transport Management Systems: Implementing and managing transport systems for the controlled movement of SAP objects across landscapes.

    5. Backup Strategy Setting, Data Backup, and Management: Developing backup strategies, executing data backups, and efficiently managing backup processes.

    6. Solution Manager Support for Release Upgrades: Leveraging SAP Solution Manager for support during release upgrades and system maintenance.

    7. SAP Kernel Upgrades and Log Reporting: Managing SAP Kernel upgrades and maintaining detailed log reports for system performance and security.


Our services encompass comprehensive ABAP development in cross-platform and hybrid environments. We specialize in:

    1. Enhancements, Interfaces, Conversions, Reports, and Forms: Developing and customizing ABAP solutions for enhancements, interfaces, data conversions, reports, and forms.

    2. OData Integration, User Exits, BAPI, BADI, Enhancement Spots: Integrating OData services and utilizing user exits, BAPIs, BADIs, and enhancement spots for enhanced functionality.

    3. Performance Tuning and Bug Fixes: Optimizing system performance through performance tuning and promptly addressing any software bugs.

    4. Post Production and Go-Live Support: Providing support during post-production phases and ensuring a smooth transition during go-live.

    5. Mobile and Device Security Support: Implementing and supporting security measures for mobile and device applications.

    6. Technical Support for Enhancements, Project Changes, and Customizations: Offering technical expertise for ongoing enhancements, project modifications, and customizations.

    7. Preparation of User Manuals, Reports, and Documentation: Creating user manuals, detailed reports, and comprehensive documentation for reference and training.

    8. SAP Integration with Other Third-Party Applications – PI, ALE, IDoc: Seamlessly integrating SAP with external third-party applications using technologies like Process Integration (PI), Application Link Enabling (ALE), and IDocs.

SAP Functional service

Our services encompass a wide range of business process consulting for enterprise applications, including:

    1. Functional Troubleshooting and Diagnostic Services: Diagnosing and resolving functional issues within enterprise applications.

    2. Addressing Questions and Tackling Functional Challenges: Providing solutions to queries and addressing complex functional challenges.

    3. Increasing Process Knowledge to Users: Educating users to enhance their understanding of processes, thereby improving productivity and user satisfaction.

    4. After Go-Live Support: Offering ongoing support after system go-live, ensuring continued smooth operation.

    5. Performance Tuning and Functional Stabilization: Optimizing performance and ensuring the stable functionality of enterprise applications.

    6. Support with Configurations and Optimization of Customizations: Assisting with configurations and optimizing customizations to align with specific business requirements and objectives.

SAP Support is a comprehensive service encompassing the configuration, assistance, and upkeep of the entire SAP software integrated into the existing IT infrastructure.

Our value preposition for SAP support service?

The fastest-growing companies often face the need to expand rapidly, leading to increased demand for additional SAP services. To attain both operational and strategic objectives, it becomes imperative for them to offer a robust technology stack, dependable technical support, ongoing knowledge management, and demonstrable cost-effectiveness. Let's explore the reasons why harnessing SAP support services is pivotal for businesses in this context.

Convenience and availability

The Support team operates in multiple time zones, providing assistance at any hour. Whenever there are problems with SAP system processes, their specialized experts are on hand to resolve the issues promptly.

Extensive knowledge & proven approach

The SAP Support service encompasses the complete SAP technology stack, both standard and customized support processes, and a variety of scenarios. You have the flexibility to select the elements that align with your specific business requirements.

Cost reduction 

The adaptability and seamless integration capabilities of SAP solutions set them apart. They enable you to execute various business functions within a single system, eliminating the need to invest in maintaining multiple platforms. Additionally, this approach saves both time and resources when it comes to data collection, analysis, and processing.

Enhanced business performance

Technology enables businesses to access real-time data from various sources. SAP allows you to seamlessly integrate, store, and process this data within a single platform, ensuring streamlined system operations. This approach reduces the time and resources expended on these tasks and provides a comprehensive overview of your business performance.

The primary objective of SAP support services is to ensure the seamless operation of the system and equip it to adapt to potential future changes. 

Our team of SAP support specialists remains available to assist you 24/7, ensuring continuous system reliability.

Your SAP solutions are in expert hands to ensure their efficient operation and performance.

Presently, the Hype Studio team comprises more than 100 certified SAP experts, each equipped with extensive experience in providing support for SAP solutions. We extend our support to various SAP products, including Financial and Accounting, Customer Relationship Management, Production Planning, Extended Warehouse Management, Yard Logistics, and many others.

SAP Support packages   

Standard Support Package

 70 .00

/ hour
  • Evaluation of the current system's performance
  • Restoring a customer's SAP system
  • Proficient assistance during the deployment of SAP systems
  • 24/7 assistance for resolving unforeseen issues
  • Sustaining the roles and authorization framework
  • Database management 
  • Landscape backup
  • System monitoring

Enterprise Support Package

 100 .00

/ hour
  • Managing the integration of all solutions throughout their entire life cycles.
  • The strategy for developing customer SAP systems.
  • A comprehensive quality management methodology for the entire SAP system landscape, encompassing diverse technology platforms and applications.
  • A robust underpinning for an enterprise service-oriented architecture (SOA).
  • Management of the innovation and integration processes.
  • Supporting core business process

In a nutshell

The fundamental role of SAP support services is to ensure the seamless operation of your system and ready it for potential future changes. This is why our SAP support specialists maintain constant communication with you, available around the clock.
If you are seeking a dependable expert team to maintain the stability and efficiency of your SAP solutions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our specialists. We would be delighted to assist you!

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