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You can access the expertise needed to conduct a complete AI consulting or development project and transform your concepts into fully operational solutions.​

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Artificial intelligence services and solutions

At Hype Studio, you can access the proficiency needed to undertake a comprehensive AI consulting or development initiative and transform your concepts into fully operational solutions. We guide you through every stage of the AI implementation process, commencing from the initial evaluation phase and extending through deployment and ongoing support.

About Hype Software Studio 

8+ years of expertise in providing AI-powered solutions.

20+ successfully completed projects of varying scales across diverse industries.


We possess hands-on expertise in delivering out-of-the-box, custom AI solutions.

Our team comprises 30+ certified industry experts, each with over 18 years of experience in their respective portfolios.


AI services

  • AI development

  • AI algorithm selection

    AI algorithm model training

    ETL/ELT pipeline setup

    Data pre-processing

    Data visualization



    AI chatbots

    AI consulting

    Solution architecture

    MVP conceptualization

    Existing solution audit

    Data mapping

    AI chatbots

    Tech stack selection

Artificial intelligence to optimize your business functions

Key areas of AI applications

Hype Studio's solutions, enhanced with AI capabilities, can analyze visual content, replicate human communication, and delve into vast datasets to uncover valuable insights.

Computer vision   


We develop solutions capable of identifying intruders or shoplifters in real-time through their unusual behavioral patterns, enhancing security measures.


 Visual inspection

We utilize computer vision tools to identify product defects or equipment malfunctions, streamlining quality control and asset maintenance processes.


 Inventory control

We create solutions tailored for the retail sector, which involve barcode scanning, monitoring customer selections, and updating inventory levels to ensure timely stock replenishment.


Natural language learning   

 AI chatbots

We set up chatbots and virtual assistants that offer round-the-clock user support, remote patient care, or interactive e-learning assistance.


 Cognitive automation

We assist you in integrating intelligent RPA bots to automate a range of time-consuming tasks, including messaging and document processing.



We develop AI platforms that analyze online interactions to evaluate the user base's sentiment towards products, services, and brands.


Data mining   

 Predictive analytics

We develop AI platforms that analyze online interactions to evaluate the user base's sentiment towards products, services, and brands.


 Recommendation AI

We provide recommendation systems that utilize AI algorithms to segment customers and offer them personalized suggestions.


 Anomaly detection

We set up AI-powered solutions designed to recognize different types of outliers for the purpose of predicting failures, malfunctions, health issues, and other potential risks.


We build artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for businesses.

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AI use case by industries_

AI for manufacturing

  • Predictive maintenance for industrial assets
  • Automated assembly lines for products
  • Enhanced supply chain optimization through product tracking
  • Quality assurance using computer vision technology

AI for retail

  • Forecasting customer demand for better inventory management
  • Optimizing marketing strategies and increasing lead conversion rates
  • Analyzing social media data to gain insights into customer sentiment and behavior
  • Managing and improving customer relationships through effective CRM strategies
  • Adjusting product prices dynamically based on real-time market conditions

AI for agriculture

  • Utilizing machine learning for enhanced crop management
  • Detecting weeds and diseases using machine learning algorithms
  • Optimizing fertilizer usage through machine learning techniques
  • Assisting in selective breeding processes with the help of machine learning algorithms

AI for healthcare

  • Utilizing AI to enhance radiology and medical imaging processes
  • Leveraging NLP for advanced medical assistants
  • Predicting syndromes using AI algorithms
  • Automating patient data management through AI-powered solutions

AI for transportation

  • Automated license plate recognition technology
  • Driver assistance systems activated by voice commands
  • Intelligent parking guidance and information systems
  • Machine learning-driven route optimization for logistics operations

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AI services delivery: key stages_

1. Business Analysis

Once we understand your requirements and evaluate your existing technological environment, we assist you in determining whether investing in AI is more advantageous compared to traditional development. We also outline both the functional and non-functional requirements for your forthcoming solution.

2.  Data analysis

We conduct an initial analysis to map out the accessible data sources and evaluate their dependability. These sources may encompass the customer's internal data assets as well as publicly available databases.

3. Solution design

Drawing from our technical and business assessment, we identify an appropriate technology stack, craft the architecture of the product, and outline an execution strategy. Additionally, we can supply a Proof of Concept (PoC) to establish the practicality, financial feasibility, and potential constraints of the solution.

4. Development

We undertake data pre-processing tasks, encompassing data cleansing, annotation, and transformation. Subsequently, we define the evaluation parameters for the solution and train an AI model utilizing supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning methodologies.


We incorporate the trained model into the software architecture to empower AI-based modules and functionalities with the model's results. Subsequently, we deploy the AI solution either on-premise or within a cloud-based environment.


We offer continuous support, maintenance, and regular updates in accordance with DevOps best practices. This encompasses refining the precision of the AI model's output by retraining the solution using new datasets.


AI tools and framework we use_

1. AI & ML

Amazon Rekognition

Cloud vision API

Amazon Lex

Azure ML

Azure bot service

Amazon Sakemaker

Azure cognitive service


Cloud natural language AI

2. Data analytics platform

MS Power BI

SAP Hana

Amazon Kinesis


Azure analysis service

Azure synapse 


Azure stream analytics

Amazon redshift

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