Managed IT Services

Our key services_

Hype Studio is a managed IT services provider, leveraging its knowledge and computing resources to efficiently manage businesses' IT environments.
We handle the entire spectrum of managed IT services, alleviating the management workload for our customers. Additionally, we seamlessly integrate our specialists into the customers' in-house IT teams, enhancing management processes and implementing relevant methodologies.

Software Management

In our software management process, we prioritize maintaining high performance, security, and user adoption. Furthermore, we continuously enhance its functional capabilities, making it more powerful and appealing to end users.


Infrastructure Management

Through meticulous oversight of IT infrastructure components and nodes, we ensure their correct operation, integrity, and immunity, thereby providing a stable and secure environment for business processes.


Our managed IT service in action_

1. Evaluation

We conduct an assessment of the software and infrastructure that requires management.

2. Scope

In collaboration with the customer, we determine the scope, duration, and budget of the engagement.

3. Team Selection

We carefully choose professionals with the appropriate qualifications.

4. SLA

We enter into an SLA that outlines the terms of collaboration between Hype Studio and the customer.

5. Process

As per the SLA, we deliver on-demand or ongoing services as required.


​Entrust your software and infrastructure management to a team of skilled professionals.

Application management services_

Hype Studio oversees web and mobile application environments in various business verticals, encompassing maintenance, enhancements, and optimization of both custom and platform-based applications. Based on specific requirements, we can prioritize either the technological aspects or user-centric elements, or even address both aspects simultaneously.

Technological focus

Our primary focus is on delivering solutions with high performance and strict adherence to requirements.

We provide comprehensive app lifecycle management, handling configuration and reconfiguration, as well as functional and security updates. Additionally, we optimize features to enhance the overall performance of the solutions.


User focus

We prioritize aspects that showcase software efficiency from the end users' perspective.

These include user access, user experience, user analytics, and user behavior.


360° IT infrastructure management services_

With our infrastructure management services and solutions, we assist enterprises in maintaining complex IT infrastructures. Our primary objective is to safeguard the integrity of IT infrastructures and their components, while also ensuring their security and adaptability to evolving business needs.

Network Management_

​We oversee network administration to ensure accurate architectures and optimal distribution of resources.

Storage Management_

We oversee data centers and stand-alone data storages to ensure a well-balanced load and the protection of stored data.

System Administration_

We guarantee the availability and security of enterprise IT assets, including databases, physical and virtual servers, active directories, and more​

Device Management_

We establish processes and implement tools for the ongoing monitoring and security checkups of corporate devices.​

Risk mitigation_

As a managed IT services company, we are adept at resolving various infrastructure-related issues, encompassing both technology and security dimensions. Our strategic approach aims to minimize future risks and implement suitable preventive measures to mitigate potential disruptions to enterprise operations.

  • Orchestrating disaster recovery
  • Restoring network connectivity
  • Increasing computing capacity
  • Resolving data storage and access issues
  • Redistributing computing power
  • Re-architecting infrastructure components
  • Carrying out stress testing
  • Responding to security issues


​We ensure seamless operations and providing you with peace of mind

3 Step infrastructure optimization_

1. Continuous Monitoring

Explore the infrastructure hierarchy

Access the state of all the infrastructure components

Identify infrastructure optimization opportunities


2. Continuous Feedback

Develop the target IT infrastructure model

Agree on change management procedure

Outline the infrastructure domain roadmap


3. Continuous Improvement

Implement enhancements and necessary configurations

Automate system cloning, copying and updating

Establish a consolidated approach to infrastructure management



Smart solutions for managed IT services_

We understand that the sheer volume of collected and processed IT telemetry (events, alerts, traps, messages) can be overwhelming. Therefore, we develop intelligent solutions with built-in machine learning features that assist IT operations staff in

  1. ​Detecting and classifying incidents: efficiently identifying valuable metrics from the thousands of events generated across the environment.
  2. Recognizing patterns: understanding the connections between scattered events within specific situations.
  3. Predicting and preventing disasters: proactively detecting service-affecting issues before they impact operations or prompt alerts from end users. 

​We offer services that cover various types of cloud infrastructures, such as public, private, hybrid, and multi cloud instances. Depending on our customers' specific requirements, we tailor our approach to accommodate the following common scenarios:


Your Cloud Infrastructure

Our team can efficiently manage cloud deployments using the customers' computing resources. Our responsibilities encompass the deployment, hardware, and software components. Throughout the process, our specialists consistently update the customer on their work while offering continuous cloud consulting and development support.


Our Cloud Infrastructure

We offer the option of managing cloud infrastructures using our own computing resources, which can be a cost-effective solution for businesses. Throughout the process, our team coordinates all management activities with the customer, ensuring the full availability and security of the managed environment.


Custom Solutions

We create and deploy tailored cloud management solutions, catering to the customer's in-house team or our own team. Our solutions are equipped with essential features for effective monitoring and analysis of cloud environments, tracking cloud users' activities, and countering cloud cyber-threats.​



Catering to customers worldwide, we are committed to aligning their software solutions and IT ecosystems with global software management standards. When handling solutions that involve sensitive data, we go the extra mile to ensure data immunity and protect against malicious actors. Moreover, leveraging our extensive industry expertise, our team also assists companies in preparing for compliance assessment and certification.

​Change management_

Enterprises anticipate stable, reliable, and predictable IT infrastructures and software, capable of easily adapting to evolving business needs. To meet these expectations, Hype Studio assists businesses in establishing change management processes. These processes ensure a seamless evolution of their IT environments, minimizing disruptions and guaranteeing smooth operations.


We evaluate the advantages and risks of changes while also outlining positive and negative scenarios in the application roadmap.



We prioritize planned changes to allocate the most suitable resources for their implementation and subsequent adjustment according to business requirements.


Testing & Backup

We conduct comprehensive testing on components impacted by changes, and for each deployment, we implement a backup plan to restore the previous state in case of any deployment failures.


Start managing your IT infrastructure more effectively with our expertise at your disposal.


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