ERP Discovery & Evaluation

ERP discovery and evaluation

ERP consulting aids companies in optimizing the utilization of their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, streamlining and automating daily business operations. At Hype Studio, we provide advisory support to assist companies in implementing efficient ERP solutions or extracting the maximum value from their existing ERP software.

About Hype Software Studio 

8+ years in ERP Consulting & Services

20+ successfully completed projects of varying scales across diverse industries.


We possess hands-on expertise in delivering out-of-the-box, custom, and hybrid ERP solutions.

Our team comprises 30+ certified industry experts, each with over 18 years of experience in their respective portfolios.


Scope  of our Discovery & Evaluation  Services 

ERP implementation support

  • Evaluation

  • Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the ERP project, including project goals, budget, resources, timeframes, risks, and other relevant aspects..


    Develop a detailed plan for the ERP project, encompassing project scheduling, estimating, contingency scenarios, and a change management strategy..


    Efficiently allocate and manage ERP project resources, while establishing effective collaboration between project stakeholders.


    Provide support and assistance with verification and validation activities.


    Implement project control measures and contingency plans in the event of project deviations.


Business analysis and ERP selection

  • Assessment

  • To assess the value of the ERP project, we conduct a thorough cost-benefit analysis and a business case analysis. These evaluations help in understanding the potential returns, benefits, and feasibility of the project, ensuring informed decision-making.


    We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your business environment to identify any gaps or inefficiencies in the current business processes. This assessment allows us to pinpoint areas that require improvement and optimize your operations for enhanced productivity and success.

    Mapping to-be process

    We map out the "to-be" business processes, which represent the desired and improved state of your operations after addressing the identified gaps and implementing necessary enhancements. This step involves designing streamlined and optimized processes that align with your business goals and objectives.

    System analysis

    During the system analysis phase, we thoroughly examine your existing IT systems and infrastructure. This includes assessing their functionalities, performance, security, and compatibility with the proposed changes and improvements. Through this analysis, we gain a comprehensive understanding of your current system capabilities and identify any potential challenges or opportunities for enhancement.


    During the conceptualization phase, we create a blueprint for the ERP software solution. This involves defining the system's architecture, functionalities, modules, and integrations based on the identified business requirements and goals. The conceptualization process serves as the foundation for developing a comprehensive and tailored ERP solution that aligns perfectly with your business needs.


    In the change readiness evaluation, we assess your organization's preparedness for the ERP implementation or changes. This evaluation involves analyzing factors such as organizational culture, employee skill levels, communication channels, and willingness to embrace change. The purpose is to gauge the organization's ability to adapt and successfully undergo the ERP transformation, and to identify potential areas that may require additional support or attention during the implementation process.


    Establish a unified project vision with the project team.


    Present various ERP solution options along with their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and projected Return on Investment (ROI).


    Develop a structured plan for the ERP software and module selection process

​In search of a reliable ERP consulting partner to expedite your digital transformation journey?

ERP consulting across industries_​

Our ERP consultants provide specialized consulting solutions tailored to industries, aiding in the automation and support of diverse administrative tasks and business processes.

Retail ERP    

With our certified ERP consultants, we facilitate the establishment of business management systems for retail, which integrate data from various departments, providing real-time visibility into business processes and enabling fact-based decision-making throughout the enterprise.

  • Inventory and warehouse control
  • Shipping and distribution
  • Customer relationship management and support
  • Marketing automation
  • Financial reporting and accounting
  • Supplier partnerships
  • Returns management
  • Asset management


Ecommerce ERP   

Our ERP consulting team provides ecommerce ERP systems that offer comprehensive visibility and control over the entire ecommerce ecosystem. These solutions enable business process automation, foster cross-team collaboration, facilitate omnichannel commerce, and deliver a superior customer experience.

  • Inventory management
  • Shipping, distribution, and warehousing
  • Orders and returns
  • Accounting and financial management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Customer support
  • Product information management and product development

Manufacturing ERP     

Our ERP consulting team provides solutions offer complete visibility over their processes, spanning from shop floor operations to overall business processes, and encompass supply and inventory management. We aid in establishing shop floor control, ensuring efficient resource allocation, and streamlining financial management for seamless operations.

  • Bill of materials
  • Inventory management
  • Material requirements planning
  • Manufacturing orders automation
  • Production process design, planning, and scheduling
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Production quality
  • Sales operations
  • Job and work order management
  • Labor management
  • Supply chain management


Healthcare ERP 

Hype Studio provides ERP solutions that align with healthcare standards compliance and IT security standards. These solutions contribute to improved patient care quality, reduced operational costs, streamlined healthcare processes, and enhanced accuracy in financial forecasts.

  • Patient management
  • Ward management
  • Resource planning
  • Procurement
  • Pharmacy inventory and medication management
  • Appointments scheduling
  • Customer service
  • Patient accounting and billing
  • Integration with EHR/EMR systems

Logistics ERP  

Hype Studio specializes in delivering custom ERP systems tailored for logistics companies. These solutions consolidate necessary information in one place, effectively managing the flow and distribution of products to ensure timely delivery to both customers and suppliers.

  • Dispatch management
  • Fleet resource planning and tracking
  • Inventory control
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Cost management
  • Security of goods
  • Financial reporting and accounting


Automotive ERP  

Our certified consultants specialize in crafting customized ERP solutions for companies within the automotive industry. These solutions are designed to enhance manufacturing efficiency, support inventory management, improve product and customer service quality, enable cost control, and foster the development of new products to meet customer demands.

  • Production quality management
  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Manufacturing inventory management
  • Fixed assets management
  • Bill of materials
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Human resource management
  • Order management
  • Sales operations


Our Evaluation and Selection Service: Empowering Customers to 
Make Informed, Efficient, and Cost-Effective Business Choices

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Why you need ERP_​

How can help you with ERP?

  • Inefficiencies due to lack of inventory tracking

  • Operating your processes manually or through disconnected systems can lead to difficulties in tracking inventory, resulting in inventory losses, component shortages, and challenges in meeting customer expectations with timely deliveries

    Admin overhead and penalties due to lack of compliance

    Without a manufacturing ERP system in place, you may encounter challenges in maintaining compliance standards like ISO or industry-specific regulations. Additionally, meeting the quality standards required by your customers and regulatory bodies can become more arduous.

    Inefficient warehouse processes

    In the absence of a manufacturing ERP system, your warehouses are likely to operate inefficiently, making it challenging to implement efficient processes like batch or wave picking. Manual methods without barcode readers can result in slow and inefficient operations.

    Cashflow issues due to manual material requirement planning (MRP)

    The absence of a manufacturing ERP system makes it challenging to accurately plan the required inventory purchases for smooth production and anticipate the stock levels necessary to prevent stock-outs.

    Financial implications due to inaccurate job costing

    ​The absence of a manufacturing ERP system will pose challenges in obtaining accurate and detailed job costing insights, resulting in inaccurate pricing, reduced profit margins, and incorrect cost tracking..

    Inefficient production management and scheduling

    In the absence of a manufacturing ERP system, you may encounter difficulties in meeting order schedules, estimating production capacity, and optimizing production runs for maximum efficiency

    ​Lack of automation of shop floor processes

    Without the IIoT devices installed on the shop floor, accurately reporting labor hours, managing job schedules, and gathering precise data for planning purposes can become challenging.

    No real-time insight due to disconnected processes

    With manual or siloed systems in place, resolving discrepancies can consume a substantial amount of time. Planning based on inaccurate data becomes inevitable, and real-time information availability is compromised

Leverage the full potential of ERP software through dependable ERP consulting services

ERP software consulting by platform_​

As an ERP software development company, Hype Studio provides expert advice to businesses on the latest ERP technologies available, exploring their strengths and weaknesses. With our guidance, companies can select the most suitable ERP suite that aligns perfectly with their unique needs and capabilities.

Odoo consulting 

Being a certified Odoo partner, we customize the Odoo platform to suit a variety of business processes. We assist companies in automating accounting, marketing, and sales workflows, while enhancing control over manufacturing cycles and customer service.

Key features

  • Billing and finance management
  • CRM
  • Customer service
  • Manufacturing process handling
  • Inventory management
  • Order management
  • Supply chain management
  • Business intelligence/analytics


  • Cloud
  • On-premises




  • Odoo Community Edition
  • Odoo Enterprise


SAP consulting      

Hype Software Studio's certified experts provide an ERP system based on the SAP platform. Our solutions can be customized to encompass manufacturing planning, BOM, MRPII, financial management, customer relationship management, project accounting, analytics, and reporting.

Key features

  • S/4HANA Asset Management
  • S/4HANA Human Resources
  • S/4HANA Manufacturing
  • S/4HANA Finance
  • S/4HANA Marketing and Commerce
  • S/4HANA Sourcing and Procurement
  • S/4HANA Supply Chain
  • S/4HANA Sales


  • Cloud
  • Cloud extended edition
  • cloud private edition
  • On-premises managed by SAP(HEC)
  • Any-premise




  • S/4 HANA perpetual license
  • S/4 HANA Subscription based

Transform your business operation with S/4HANA

S/4HANA for Manufacturing

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