Cloud Integration Platform

SAP CPI is a cloud-based service developed by SAP to build and enhance applications in a secure online environment. Through the use of SAP Cloud Integration, you can connect SAP cloud and on-premises applications with other cloud and on-premises applications.

Effortlessly link cloud-based application_

  1. ​Facilitate Quick Start: CPI offers prepackaged content to expedite the initiation of your integration projects.
  2. User-Friendly Web Interface: You can utilize the web-based user interface for discovering readily available content, modeling, and monitoring integration processes
  3. Streamlining Process & Data Integration: CPI enables the seamless integration of both processes and master data between cloud and on-premise applications.
  4. Wide Range of Adapters for A2A & B2B: Benefit from a comprehensive selection of connectivity options and standard adapters for both A2A and B2B/B2G ) integration, offered by SAP and partner providers.
  5. Efficient Enterprise Message Service: Leverage the high-performance messaging queueing capabilities provided by the SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging service
  6. Emphasis on Security: CPI places a strong emphasis on security measures, including data isolation, multitenancy support, content encryption, signing, and certificate-based authentication.



Cost-Efficient Integration Solutions with SAP Cloud Integration

Thanks to its budget-friendly subscription packages and low initial investment requirements, SAP Cloud Integration enables substantial cost savings.

SAP Cloud Integration Meets Your Evolving Business Needs

SAP Cloud Integration offers flexibility to align with your company's present and future requirements, ensuring you can leverage cloud services effectively.

Streamline Data Sharing Between SAP and External Applications

SAP Cloud Integration simplifies the sharing of data between SAP and external applications, ensuring seamless communication

Unifying Suppliers and Partners with SAP Integration

SAP Integration offers a comprehensive solution that allows businesses to collaborate seamlessly with both suppliers and partners, all within a single SAP platform.

Secure Data Centers Worldwide for SAP-Integrated Solutions

SAP-integrated solutions are accessible through a network of secure data centers located across the globe.

Unlock Business Process Value with SAP Cloud 

Leverage SAP Cloud Integration to maximize the value of your business processes, without the need for coding skills.

With SAP Cloud Integration, businesses can alleviate stress and reduce expenses. The harmonization of operations is achievable through cross-departmental system integration.

Make the most of Cloud Integration Platform Services_

SAP Cloud Integration was developed in response to the emergence of cloud-based solutions.

It undergoes continuous enhancements with new features and improvements year-round.

Developers benefit from a user-friendly interface that simplifies the integration process.

The high-quality integration is achieved through pre-built content adhering to SAP standards.


Using our SAP Cloud Platform Integration solution, you can quickly deploy your integration projects with minimal additional configuration.

Thanks to the preset integration material that comes with the solution. This approach can help you save considerable time and costs in your integration endeavors.

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