Enhancing manufacturing productivity and adaptability, and refining customer connections and service are crucial for your ongoing triumph, just as the supervision and regulation of hazardous materials and quality assurance.

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​Enhance operational efficiency with an S/4HANA based solution tailored for chemical manufacturing_

Manage research and development

Maintain quality control through multi-level formula management for intermediates and products, encompassing co-products and by-products. Keep a revision history for audit reporting purposes. Ensure the security of your designs with highly detailed security controls and accurately track the total costs of intermediate and finished goods.

Compliance and safety standards

Ensure adherence to environmental and safety regulations, both locally and internationally. Enhance your capacity to showcase compliance in essential processes, while implementing a range of control measures for meticulous record-keeping tailored to the necessary level of vigilance.

Streamline production

Streamline planning and scheduling to optimize production capacity. Mitigate bottlenecks by gaining real-time visibility into every stage of the manufacturing process. Effectively manage Work in Process by overseeing scrap, yield, and rework metrics. Allocate inventory to orders based on a first-expire-first-out (FEFO) approach to minimize waste. Automate the tracking of variances and defects and decrease lead times for prompt delivery.

Manage traceability for products and raw materials.

Sustained competitiveness hinges on continual innovation, and ongoing research and development are crucial for designing improved products. The capacity to create new designs, enhance existing ones, and accelerate time-to-market are essential for maintaining a competitive edge and profitability in the industry.

Enhance Your Supply Chain Efficiency

Utilize sophisticated forecasting and planning to align supply with demand more accurately. Guarantee the availability of appropriate raw materials for each job through advanced Material Requirements Planning (MRP). Monitor quality status, lot numbers, expiration dates, and multiple units of measure. Enhance visibility of warehouse operations from goods receipt to outbound shipping. Employ data insights to assess production costs and requirements for each formula and component.

Accommodate variable end-products

Effortlessly estimate and record the receipt of multiple products of different grades from initially planned jobs for single-grade items through manufacturing inspection. The growing utilization of shared components in numerous products results in recalls spreading across various manufacturers, with some issues remaining undetected until the products have already reached the general market.

SAP S/4 HANA Implementation_

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SAP Application Managed(AMS)_

A full set of packaged services to boost your SAP systems productivity with SAP AMS

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Pioneer Your Industry_

Work in process

  1. ​The Work in Progress inspection system equips you with the necessary resources to document inspection specifics of produced goods and, based on outcomes, choose to receive, discard, or rework quantities. 
  2. Units under inspection are observable but inaccessible until admitted into inventory. 
  3. Through the inspection feature, you can gather comprehensive data on counts, inspection details, waste, rework, and inventory receipts.



1. Monitor materials from arrival to customer product delivery, including intermediary stages.

2. Quickly recognize, isolate, and recover potentially faulty goods from clients.

3. Expedite the product recall process.

4. Enhance governance and ensure adherence to compliance standards.

5. Regularly evaluate and enhance your traceability mechanism.

6. Adhere to compliance guidelines and regulatory reporting mandates.

7. Reduce the risks linked with product recalls.


Bill of materials

  1. ​The Bill of Materials (BOM) is intended to guarantee that your company maintains comprehensive oversight of the product framework. 
  2. This comprehensive bill serves as the basis for material and capacity planning, shop floor control, and costing, ensuring that engineering, production, purchasing, and order processing are all using the same data. 
  3. It enables you to establish accurate projected costs, against which actual production costs can be monitored.


IoT & data collection

  1. Speed up the implementation and minimize any interruptions to operations, while also reducing the costs associated with an OEE implementation. 
  2. With this advancement, we can install sensors on your lines and start witnessing results immediately—you could, in fact, begin observing production visibility today.

We possess the industry-specific solutions tailored for the challenges faced by the chemical manufacturing sector


Master data management

Reduce manual effort and allow data stewards to maintain their data themselves

Sales and operations

Demand planning is the process of forecasting demand for products offered by a business

Cross plant planning

Cross-plant stock planning to replace procurement elements by reducing (slow-moving) inventory surplus in other plants

Master production schedule

​ The overall plan to assess the production of your finished goods

IIoT- real time analytics

Gathering manufacturing operations and equipment data in real time 

Advance planning & Scheduling

APS helps users reduce production setup times, manage their resources, and provide realistic due dates to customers

Inventory and warehouse

Determining the optimal quantity and timing of inventory for the purpose of aligning it with sales and production capacity

Manufacturing execution system

MES is to ensure effective execution of the manufacturing operations and improve production output

Material resource planning

The ability to forecast and plan for materials and components for effective management


Big Benefits and Rapid ROI_

The solution is an industry specific for process manufacturers operating chemicals manufacturing sectors. It seamlessly adapts to single-site operations or complex multi-plant enterprises with linear, fast-moving production lines. 
Offering advanced features and a user-friendly interface, the solution is available for both on-premise and cloud deployment, guaranteeing immediate benefits and facilitating rapid return on investment, thus propelling your business growth.


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​Enhancing manufacturing efficiency and adaptability, alongside fostering customer relationships and service, are essential for sustaining your success. 

Equally critical is the effective management and supervision of hazardous materials and quality assurance. Get in touch with our consultants to help you drive digital transformation


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