Hotel & Restaurant Industry

The industry at large has faced significant challenges during the pandemic. In such a scenario, maximizing time and resources becomes crucial. Implementing an ERP system can prove beneficial for the hospitality industry, enhancing overall productivity, streamlining processes, and reducing costs.

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Streamline the hotel business management_

Nurturing customer loyalty

Cultivating a loyal customer base is a valuable investment. Prioritizing customer retention is essential for building a business that revolves around customer needs. Implementing an ERP system simplifies customer management, including market segmentation, offer planning, and distribution. 

Enhance hotel operations

Implementing an ERP system at the hotel reception has enhanced service efficiencies and boosted productivity. Staff can manage check-ins, check-outs, room availability and pricing, billing computations, and delivery preferences seamlessly. 

Leveraging ERP as one ecosystem

 ERP systems empower organizations to maximize the use of data and information, leading to improved productivity and profitability. Additionally, various modules within the system cater to essential business functions such as HR, logistics, marketing, and finance, simplifying complex operations. 

Enhance business efficiency

Companies depending on manual tracking systems often risk losing valuable data or missing out on its full potential. By implementing an ERP system, businesses can ensure continuous 24/7 tracking, enabling informed decision-making with real-time data. Furthermore, the system allows for the monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) and provides detailed reports, pinpointing areas for improvement. 

Order management and payments

Efficient order management and seamless payment processing are paramount for every restaurant or hotel. By utilizing a comprehensive integrated ERP software, transactions are automated and ensured to be error-free. This system enables businesses to establish variable rates for hotel rooms or food offerings based on factors such as past customer visits, location, seasonal changes, and local events.

Real time 

The expertise of ERP software lies in analytics, greatly enhancing your business by facilitating analysis and visualization of all your data. Additionally, it can identify a variety of effective measures to assist in improving operational efficiency and management.

Smart point of sale_​

Run your hotel or restaurant business efficiently

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A productivity-focused interface designed for efficiency_

Spend less time at the counter, be there for your customers.

 Split bills


Kitchen/bar bill


Multiple customer


Product sorting


A comprehensive overview of your restaurant_

Our solution enables you to swiftly review your restaurant and navigate between different floors to access your table's orders. The floor plan provides precise information about customer locations, table availability, outstanding food orders, and remaining space.

  • Easily customizable floor plan
  • Accommodates multiple POS systems
  • Floor plan completely optional
  • Configurable on a per-POS basis

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Integrated inventory management_

Real time control and precise forecast for procurement management.

As a part of ERP with Inventory management you can seamlessly records all POS transactions into the stock. You can instantly monitor product availability in real-time without any delay. Moreover, the POS integrates smoothly with eCommerce solution, eliminating the need for separate stock setups for the two applications. This makes it easier for you to manage a multi-channel business effortlessly.


An innovative solution that can match the industry's rapid growth and ensure a competitive edge

Online or Offline

The Point of Sale remains reliable even when your connection is unavailable.
Being a web application, the Restaurant POS does not need installation. It operates online and, although an internet connection is necessary to begin the Point of Sale, it remains functional even if the connection is lost.

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