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From optimizing route planning and automating the supply chain to implementing data analytics, our solutions address a wide range of tasks, helping logistics professionals improve their daily operations.

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Enhancing Logistics Operations with Custom Software Solutions_


We integrate real-time communication, GPS functionalities, and other tools designed to assist managers in ensuring timely cargo delivery, customer satisfaction, intact transportation, and compliance with legal regulations such as HOS and IFTA. With the help of these automated capabilities, professionals can concentrate on identifying inefficiencies to minimize costs and tracking KPIs to assess overall fleet productivity. 

Smart Supply 

Hype Studio assists logistics providers in leveraging the latest digital supply chain model to achieve heightened levels of operational efficiency. Empowered by technologies such as RPA, AI, IoT, or blockchain, professionals can attain unprecedented levels of work automation and real-time tracking of the entire supply chain and the status of specific goods.

Freight management

Hype Studio creates logistics management software that aids industry professionals in handling all aspects of freight management, from vendor and carrier management to finance management and compliance. With our support, you can ensure continuous coordination among all supply chain participants and reduce risks during freight storage, delivery, and receipt. 

Warehouse management

Through our customized software, logistics companies can integrate their warehouses into unified and streamlined systems. With our assistance, businesses can achieve visibility into their inventory across various locations, while enhancing labor management, inventory tracking, storage, and shipping efficiency.


  • Processing Orders
  • Managing Customer Data
  • Optimizing Customer Service


  • Processing Billing and Payments
  • Calculating Fees and Taxes
  • Generating Invoices
  • Integrating Accounting


  • Planning Loads for Vehicles
  • Tracking Cargo Status
  • Optimizing Routes
  • Automating Schedules.


  • Managing Claims and Returns Based on Rules
  • Selecting Warehouses Efficiently
  • Establishing Rules for Reselling and Recycling


  • Rules for Storage and Stock Management
  • Monitoring Inventory
  • Managing Order Pickup and Dispatch
  • Control of Load Distribution

Related Solutions_

Business process automation_

We aid professionals in automating various logistics processes, including tracking shipment progress, handling invoicing, and managing pickup requests. By eliminating the need for manual and repetitive tasks, our logistics software development services enable companies to boost employee productivity, minimize human errors, and enhance customer relationships.

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Digital workspace for enterprise_

By integrating a digital workplace, your company can establish a centralized platform that facilitates seamless communication, collaboration, and task management for employees regardless of their location. We provide logistics firms with various options for adopting digital workplaces, allowing you to select the solution that best aligns with your business requirements.

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Enterprise resource planning(ERP)_

Our industry experts provides comprehensive solutions for resource planning activities, such as estimating raw material and labor requirements, managing order processing, and tracking freight. Furthermore, our logistics industry experts can integrate AI-powered features, empowering professionals to analyze historical trends and forecast future demand.​

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Digital Assets tracking

Through the integration of a digital IoT solution BaaMP.AI, your organization can create a centralized platform that enables the seamless real-time tracking of assets and task management, regardless of their location.

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Platform based solution for logistics_

In addition to developing tailored solutions from the ground up,  Hype Studio offers businesses software development built on specialized digital platforms. Our team can assist you in selecting the most suitable technology for your business requirements, devising an implementation and development strategy, and later customizing the software to meet your needs.


As an official partner, Hype Studio assists logistics companies in leveraging the open-source Odoo platform to access features including fleet management, accounting, billing, inventory management, and CRM. If the standard functionalities are insufficient, we can customize Odoo to suit your specific business workflows and processes.

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Warehouse management_

Harness the power of multi-warehouse management, cross-docking, drop-shipping, and other Odoo warehousing features.

Invoice management_​

Attain visibility into contracts and bill timesheets, as well as analyze your sales history using Odoo invoicing tools.

Fleet control_

Monitor your fleet's performance and fuel consumption records, reducing unexpected vehicle downtime using Odoo Fleet.

Resource planning_​

Leverage Odoo to manage resources, monitor allocated materials and labor, and minimize the time spent on repetitive tasks.

Establish a customer-centric and adaptable 
supply chain ecosystem.


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