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Hype Studio offers a comprehensive array of ERP services aimed at assisting our clients in efficiently overseeing fundamental business operations and implementing automation..

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Scope of ERP services and solutions

Hype Studio offers comprehensive ERP services to assist companies in implementing efficient enterprise resource planning solutions or optimizing the value of their existing ERP systems. With our range of ERP services, we empower our clients to effectively manage core business activities and streamline automation processes. 


Our services_


Our comprehensive range of consulting services enables companies to select the most suitable ERP provider and successfully implement an efficient enterprise resource planning solution within the designated timeframe and budget.



For organizations of all sizes and industries, we specialize in developing custom ERP systems that are fully tailored with a unique set of features, modules, and integrations.



Following industry best practices, we specialize in customizing and upgrading ERP systems to align with the business needs and vision of the owner.



Using an optimal ERP integration approach and technology, we seamlessly connect ERP software with the rest of the company's software infrastructure as well as next-generation technologies.



From conducting business needs analysis to platform deployment and post-launch support, we handle the entire implementation process of custom or off-the-shelf ERP software.



After the successful rollout of the ERP solution, our dedicated ERP support specialists fine-tune the system, address performance issues, troubleshoot any bugs, and provide security and system updates upon request.


About Hype Software Studio 

8+ years in ERP Consulting & Services

20+ successfully completed projects of varying scales across diverse industries.


We possess hands-on expertise in delivering out-of-the-box, custom, and hybrid ERP solutions.

Our team comprises 30+ certified industry experts, each with over 18 years of experience in their respective portfolios.


Discover new efficiencies, add capabilities 
and accelerate processes


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Implementation roadmap_

1. Analysis

Beginning with a comprehensive analysis of your business processes, workflows, and technology environment, our ERP consultants elicit current and future business goals, end-user needs, and expectations to define the requirements for the upcoming ERP system.

2.  Architecture

Using the elicited requirements as a foundation, the team at Hype Studio conceptualizes an ERP solution and designs its architecture, defining the integration scope and providing assistance in selecting the most suitable ERP software and technology stack.

3. Planning

Once the stakeholders define the initial scope of the ERP system, our expert team outlines the project timeframes and budget, delivers essential step-by-step deliverables, identifies required resources, and develops a comprehensive risk management strategy.

4. Customization

Adhering to the DevOps approach, our team develops custom ERP software or configures an existing or off-the-shelf ERP suite to suit your specific needs. Subsequently, our specialists integrate the platform seamlessly with other essential business applications.

5. Dry run/Testing

Our engineers conduct thorough acceptance testing to verify that the solution meets all functional and non-functional requirements, and to identify and address any system malfunctions, UI/UX bugs, and data integrity issues.

6. Deployment

Our engineering team handles the deployment of the ERP solution to the production environment and efficiently manages the data migration process from existing corporate systems and applications to the new business management software.

7. Go live

Our consultants conduct user acceptance testing to assess the ERP system's performance in real-world scenarios. Additionally, they provide user training and onboarding to drive effective change management and boost ERP adoption.

8. Support

Following the successful rollout, our dedicated ERP support specialists meticulously fine-tune the system, proactively manage performance issues, and promptly troubleshoot any potential bugs. Additionally, they regularly conduct security and system updates.

ERP solution across industries_


By automating manual processes in manufacturing companies, we enable them to efficiently detect production process inefficiencies, identify optimization opportunities, maximize resource and equipment utilization, and foster lean manufacturing practices.   

  • Production planning

  • Production management

    Supply chain management

    Inventory planning/management

    Procurement management

    Quality/Compliance management

    Order management

    Recipe/Product management

    Master Data management


By automating core business process management for healthcare organizations, we enhance the delivery of quality patient care, reduce clinical errors, lower operational costs, and improve industry compliance standards..   

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Resource planning

    Human resource management


    Inventory management

    Regulatory compliance

    Order management

    Supply chain management

    Analytics & Reporting

Retail & E-commerce

By automating and streamlining business operations for B2B and B2C retailers, we enable seamless omnichannel commerce and enhance customer experience. 

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Warehouse management

    Return order management


    Inventory management

    Procurement management

    Order management

    Supply chain management

    Analytics & Reporting

Logistics & Distribution

We streamline the management of core business processes for logistics and transportation companies, resulting in reduced transportation costs, improved on-time delivery rates and customer satisfaction, minimized supply chain risks. 

  • Business intelligence & Analytics

  • Contract management

    Claim management

    Inventory management

    Transport planning

    Transport cost management

    Transport order management

    IoT enabled fleet management 


ERP capabilities we deliver_

​We specialize in providing customized ERP solutions designed to meet your unique goals and objectives. Our ERP software offers a wide range of capabilities, including

  • Data consolidation

  • Achieving a unified and consistent view of core business processes by integrating business information from various departments into a single ERP database. This fosters business process transparency, promotes enhanced collaboration, and enables data-driven decision-making.

    Analytics & BI

    Centralizing transactional data from all aspects of business operations into the ERP database. Fast and role-based access to integrated real-time data, self-service reporting capabilities, and customized dashboards with KPI sets empower business users to optimize current operations through well-informed decisions.


    Implementing ERP automates repetitive tasks like invoicing, order processing, reporting, and payroll. Beyond freeing employees from mundane activities, this implementation streamlines business processes and reduces errors associated with manual data entry.

    CRM(Customer relationship management)

    Delivering a comprehensive 360-degree customer view to marketing and sales teams, enabling effective customer segmentation and targeting. It automates quote generation, purchase order creation, and provides demand prediction capabilities.

    HR management

    Encompassing the entire employee lifecycle management, from onboarding to offboarding. It automates various tasks, including payroll management, employee attendance tracking, performance assessment, training and learning management, and employee request handling.

    Supply chain management

    Enabling comprehensive supply chain visibility for greater control over inventory, warehousing, logistics, and distribution operations. This facilitates the identification of inefficiencies, helps balance supply and demand, streamlines procurement activities, and fosters stronger supplier relationships.


    Tracking, storing, and analyzing finance-related data, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger entries. This enables financial reconciliation, planning, budgeting, revenue and expense management, as well as tax compliance.

Maximum your ERP implementation ROI

ERP implementation benefits_

Data silos elimination

By integrating data from various corporate systems, ERP eliminates fragmentation, fostering collaboration between departments, enhancing efficiency, and streamlining business processes.


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Smart Insights

ERP optimizes core business processes by systematizing, securing, and providing easy access to information. The comprehensive and user-friendly data enables timely and intelligent decision-making.

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Decreased cost

Enhanced business process visibility allows for prompt identification and elimination of inefficiencies. Automation leads to faster task completion and reduces human errors associated with manual data aggregation.

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Compliance control

Cutting-edge ERP solutions enhance data security, traceability, and visibility, enabling compliance with regulatory standards and mitigating risks associated with data loss and breaches. This fosters customer loyalty and helps avoid costly fines.

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