Enhance savings, minimize supply chain risks, and drive innovation and growth with CABLE-S/4 STANDARD ERP.



Experience the power of the cable specific manufacturing ERP, designed to streamline your entire production process. Our platform combines S&OP, MRP, CRP, MES, PLM, Inventory, Finance & Accounting, Asset Management, Quality, IoT, Shop Floor, and Maintenance into one user-friendly solution. Simplify your operations with a fast, efficient, and comprehensive tool, all in one place.



In collaboration with your team, Hype Software Studio Consultants synergize efforts to craft a comprehensive business process blueprint. This blueprint intricately outlines the core and enabling processes, championing a process-based solution over a module-based approach. By adopting this strategic methodology, our aim is to provide your business with a holistic perspective, emphasizing key performance indicators at an organizational level, transcending departmental silos.

One ERP Driving ROI by Enabling Core Processes


The process of identifying potential markets, developing tailored offerings, entering those markets, generating sales, and providing ongoing customer service, all with the ultimate goal of satisfying customer needs and preferences.


The process of forecasting and planning demand, coordinating the supply of materials, scheduling production, executing schedules, managing inventory, ultimately leading to supply fulfillment.


The sequential process of receiving, processing, and invoicing customer orders, managing accounts receivable, and concluding with cash transactions.


The systematicprocess of identifying requirements, sourcing suppliers, managing orders, materials, and services, handling accounts payable, culminating in payments.

With CABLE-S/4 Building a Resilient Supply Chain and Driving Efficiencies

In today's pressured global supply chain environment, having a partner who understands how to navigate disruptions and leverage global capabilities is crucial. We help you build a more resilient supply chain and drive efficiencies to your bottom line. Our expertise includes Forecast Planning, Master Data Management, Capacity Requirement Planning, Materials Planning, Advanced Planning & Scheduling, and Procurement and Sourcing Substitutions. We excel in knowing how to adapt and use alternatives when faced with shortages, ensuring smooth operations and minimal disruption. We welcome the opportunity to leverage our industry-leading knowledge and value-added services to support your business. Let us help you achieve a more efficient and resilient supply chain.

Optimizing. Manufacturing Orders.

Real-Time Capacity Planning, Component Availability, and Cost Control. Simulate manufacturing orders with up-to-the-minute capacity planning, component availability monitoring, and cost management. Receive just-in-time replenishment proposals and select the best fulfillment method: manufacturing in-house, outsourcing, or transferring from another warehouse.

Efficient Planning for Advance Scheduling

Stay ahead of schedule with advanced planning tools. Schedule manufacturing orders and manage resources using finite capacity planning. Easily adjust and refine plans using intuitive Gantt charts.

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Streamline. Production & Components

Efficiently track production and components to streamline order processing, enhance operational speed, and minimize input errors. This solution is ready to use immediately, operates at high speed, and ensures zero latency.

Transform into Paperless Manufacturing.

Embrace a paperless environment with the CABLE-S/4, optimizing your manufacturing operations. Utilize the tablet-optimized dashboard to efficiently manage workers, workcenters, worksheets, quality tests, and more

Unified Quality Control

Achieve Six-Sigma Level 6 with comprehensive statistical analysis of quality issues and instant control point settings directly on the shop floor. 

CABLE-S/4 allows workers to provide real-time feedback, enabling immediate identification and reduction of scraps in the manufacturing process. This seamless flow of ideas and information elevates quality to new heights.


Enhance Equipment Effectiveness with Efficient Maintenance

Boost your overall equipment effectiveness through our efficient maintenance solutions. Join us and transform your company into a more efficient and productive environment.

Automate Preventive Maintenance & Predictive Maintenance

CABLE-S/4 calculates standard statistics to assist in planning preventive maintenance, such as mean time between failure (MTBF), mean time to repair (MTTR), and the expected next failure date. It also allows you to automate metrology and preventive maintenance scheduling.

With the help of BAAMP.AI you can access the predictive maintenance feature to predict the failure and access your machine's health.


Revolutionize Inventory Management

Reduce Stockouts, Optimize Operations, and Gain Real-Time Visibility 

Real-time Inventory Management with Comprehensive Features

Experience the full spectrum of inventory management capabilities, including serial number tracking, lot management, packaging options, reservation strategies, cycle counting, and KPI monitoring, all in real time.

Lightning-Fast Inventory Lookup

Instantly identify the location of all your products across multiple warehouses or companies, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.

Inventory Valuation

CABLE-S/4 supports multiple valuation methods, including FIFO, Average Price, LIFO, and Standard Price, whether you use perpetual or periodic inventory systems.


Optimize Your Supply Chain with Smart Routing and Seamless Integration

Improve Yield by 20%

With CABLE-S/4 MES app streamlines your manufacturing line with a tablet-optimized dashboard, allowing you to efficiently organize workers, work centers, worksheets, quality tests, and help you to improve yield by upto 20%.

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Faster Resupply.

Ensure you never run out of stock with  all-in-one procurement software. From RFQs to receipts and product variants to vendor bills, CABLE-S/4 ERP handles the entire process effortlessly.

Automate every RFQ and purchase order 
with streamlined reordering rules. Create custom rules and replenishment methods, and synchronize your critical processes where it matters most—putting the power in your hands! 

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Leveraging Industry 4.0 and IoT for Optimized Supply Chain and Procurement Strategies

With the latest innovations gain insight into how we can tackle your supply chain obstacles by CABLE-S/4 ERP and your entire business can take advantage of the Industry best practices and built-in intelligence.

Sales & Operation Planning

Demand planning is the process of forecasting demand for products offered by a business

Master Production Schedule

The overall plan to assess the production of your finished goods

Material Requirement Planning

The ability to forecast and plan for materials and components for effective management

Capacity Requirement Planning

Conducting a CRP analysis is a critical management tool, as it helps a company to know if it can meet the demand for its product

Inventory Management

Determining the optimal quantity and timing of inventory for the purpose of aligning it with sales and production capacity

Manufacturing Execution System

MES is to ensure effective execution of the manufacturing operations and improve production output.

Scraps Optimization

The optimization of scrap management, aiming at improvements of the process performance.


Embrace efficiency, cut costs, and revolutionize procurement with advanced technology and strategies.

Warehouse Management

A reliable system supporting logistics processes and ensuring complete visibility of inventories and business operations.

Finance Management

Enhancing the quality of their financial accounting data, more precise recording of transactions, and providing deeper insights into their financial health through improved visibility and analysis.

Comprehensive features: Tailored for your cable manufacturing needs

Up/down stream traceability: key aspects

Track components and manage production by batches or serial numbers, ensuring clear traceability of all operations with just a click.

Powerful yet simple: unraveling the differences

Despite having all the features necessary to deploy a modern manufacturing line, CABLE-S/4  remains user-friendly and does not require advanced training for workers.

Internet of Things (IoT) integrations: Industry 4.0 

Connect barcode printers, automate quality measurements, or configure your machines directly from the shop floor app using the IoT box - BaaMP.AI

Smart purchasing decisions: Keep informed 

Stay on top of key details by importing supplier price lists, references, promotions, and product stock into your database.

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