Warehouse Management

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) offers a unified, adaptable Warehouse Management System suitable for various industries. It caters to a wide range of warehouse operations, accommodating both straightforward manual procedures and intricate, highly automated processes.

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Efficient Warehouse Operations at Lower Costs​_

Warehouse structure

Envision overseeing inventory levels, maximizing storage efficiency, and monitoring warehouse operations in real time. This is the capability offered by SAP EWM, providing you with the essential information and control necessary for informed decision-making and improved outcomes. 

Inbound and outbound process

Explore the efficiency of inbound and outbound operations through SAP EWM. Simplify tasks such as receiving, putaway, quality inspection, and staging with advanced features that ensure smooth goods handling. Enhance productivity and precision to maintain seamless operational flow. 

Inventory management

Achieve live monitoring and management of your inventory using SAP EWM. Easily oversee and regulate stock transfers, adjustments, cycle counting, and physical inventory. Eliminate errors and discrepancies, ensuring precise inventory control that aligns with your business requirements.

Warehouse task management

Enhance your warehouse operations through the robust task management capabilities of SAP EWM. Efficiently handle wave planning, resource optimization, labor allocation, and task interleaving. Attain streamlined order fulfillment, balance workloads, and optimize productivity effortlessly.

Order processing and creation

Enable your warehouse with the streamlined order creation and processing features of SAP EWM. Effortlessly generate and manage warehouse orders to meet customer demands and internal needs. Utilize adaptable rules for picking, packing, staging, and replenishment, guaranteeing a seamless and customizable order processing experience.


Unleash the complete potential of your workforce through SAP EWM's labor management features. Establish labor standards, oversee employee performance, track task completion times, and generate informative reports. Enhance productivity and operational efficiency, propelling your business to new levels of success.

Cross docking & Value added service

Discover the efficiency and adaptability of cross-docking operations using SAP EWM. Facilitate direct transfers from inbound to outbound processes, eliminating the requirement for interim putaway. Enhance customer satisfaction by offering value-added services such as kitting, assembly, labeling, and packaging, all managed within your warehouse.


Effectively oversee your yard operations with the smooth integration of SAP EWM and SAP Yard Logistics. Enhance the management of truck and trailer movements, schedule dock appointments, handle yard resources, and effortlessly track the status of goods. Simplify your logistics operations for improved efficiency and productivity.

Analytics and reporting

Utilize the capabilities of data-driven decision-making with SAP EWM's inclusive analytics and reporting tools. Monitor warehouse performance, track key performance indicators, and acquire valuable insights into operational efficiency. Identify areas for enhancement and promote continuous optimization, ensuring that your warehouse operates at the pinnacle of excellence.

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Transform warehouse operations

Unleash the potential of SAP Extended Warehouse Management to transform your warehouse operations with Hype Studio.

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Increase productivity

Efficient warehouse procedures, resource allocation optimization, and enhanced labor oversight, resulting in increased productivity..


Enhanced visibility

In-depth understanding of warehouse activities, facilitating proactive decision-making and effective order processing.


Improved accuracy

Instant access to live stock data, minimizing instances of stockouts and overstocking.


Seamless integration

Seamless integration with other SAP modules facilitates a cohesive supply chain and synchronized operations.


Enhanced resource utilization

Optimal utilization of warehouse space, equipment, and labor, resulting in decreased operational expenses..


Improved customer service

Increased efficiency and precision result in enhanced levels of customer service.


Enhanced cross-docking 

Streamlining cross-docking operations for increased efficiency and minimized handling.


Improved facility utilization

Enhancing warehouse space usage for better operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Improved unit traceability

Monitor each individual unit meticulously for improved inventory control and traceability..


SAP end-to-end solution for your warehouse needs​_

Customized SAP EWM Solutions for Your Complex Warehouse Needs​_

SAP EWM offers a reliable system supporting logistics processes and ensuring complete visibility of inventories and business operations. At Hype Studio, our team possesses extensive expertise in handling intricate and automated warehouses. Our consultants leverage the flexibility of SAP EWM to tailor the system precisely to each client's requirements. With our long-standing industry experience, we can assist and guide you through the deployment of SAP solutions for both new projects and the transition from SAP WM / SAP LES to SAP EWM.


Integrating SAP EWM with External Systems_

SAP EWM Integration

The integration of Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) is a comprehensive solution that enhances the capabilities of SAP EWM. Leveraging the integration of SAP S/4HANA and SAP EWM offers powerful tools to maximize warehouse flexibility.

Moreover, SAP EWM smoothly incorporates with various enterprise systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) using robust data interfaces and connectors. This seamless integration facilitates the harmonized exchange of vital data, including inventory levels, orders, customer information, and sales projections, fostering precise decision-making and streamlined operations.

Integration benefits

  • Instant access to stock levels in real-time
  • Improved precision in predicting demand
  • Simplified handling of orders
  • Decreased need for manual data input
  • Enhanced customer service with current information
  • General enhancement of operational efficiency throughout the company.

Begin your journey towards optimized warehouse operations and unrivaled efficiency

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