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We assist manufacturing industry in realizing the complete potential of Industry 4.0 and paving the path toward Industry 5.0, which represents intelligent, forward-looking, and environmentally sustainable manufacturing.

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Enhancing flexibility and fostering innovation in discrete manufacturing_

Unlock the potential of intelligent automation

Harness the capabilities of cognitive technologies to enhance your efficiency and precision. We can assist you in creating smart solutions that automate manual processes, expedite product assembly, identify irregularities, and enhance supply chain optimization.

Achieve Intelligence and Resilience with IIoT

With our  cutting-edge industrial IoT solution BaaMP.AI that cater to a broad spectrum of applications, such as real-time asset tracking, equipment monitoring, production enhancement, connected operations, predictive maintenance, and much more.

Unlock next generation Digital Capabilities

From cutting-edge embedded solutions, PDM, PLM, APS & MES software, digital twins, extended reality, and various Industry 5.0 technologies to tailored applications and enterprise mobility management, our team supports your journey to digitize and revolutionize every aspect of your manufacturing operations.

Data driven manufacturing operations

Hype Studio provides a wide range of services in BI, big data, and advanced analytics to unlock the full potential of your data. This empowers you to improve performance, product quality, customer experiences, and make informed data-driven decisions.

Enhance Productivity and Cost-effectiveness

Discover numerous strategies to enhance productivity and streamline costs through Hype Studio. We assist you in embracing intelligent ERP and CRM platforms, establishing a digital workplace, transitioning to the cloud, and constructing a modern, integrated IT infrastructure.

Attain Sustainability in manufacturing operations

Our professionals are capable of designing tailor-made manufacturing software solutions to assist you in achieving energy efficiency, enhancing supply chain visibility, reducing waste, transitioning to paperless operations, and diminishing your carbon footprint.

SAP S/4 HANA Implementation_

Learn more about the SAP best practices implementing S/4HANA ERP

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SAP Application Managed(AMS)_

A full set of packaged services to boost your SAP systems productivity with SAP AMS

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​Proficient digital solution for the metal industry_

An ideal solution for configuring product variants through rule tables, encompassing standards, quality, tolerances, and the storage of customer-specific requirements, among other functionalities.

In the realm of metalworking, the quality of materials is defined by numerous characteristics outlined in DIN ISO standards. These standards offer intricate specifications, covering chemical composition, mechanical properties, surface quality, and more. However, many clients find the current DIN ISO standards inadequate and opt to establish their own, more stringent criteria, referred to as customer standards. Effectively translating these properties into standardized groupings demands an extensive knowledge base or a set of guidelines outlining permissible combinations.


we excel in various process and discrete industry 
operations and comprehend your industry-specific needs

3 significant challenges

Navigating automation and digitization can be challenging across all sectors, but metallurgy, in particular, presents specific hurdles that necessitate tailored IT solutions provided by an experienced partner

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Production planning

To manufacture custom products efficiently and quickly with minimal inventory, manufacturers must explore innovative methods within their existing toolset.

Product complexity

Manufacturers need to develop products that offer flexibility and a wide array of options, despite increasingly shorter product lifecycles.


Each stage of the production process should be visible through the integration of machines with multiple systems.

Our Solution effectiveness_


Reduction of manufacturing Wastes and subsequent reduction in material consumption and costs

upto 20%

Reduction in Raw Material, MRO and Finished Goods inventory leading to lower working capital costs


Increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness due to visibility of available machine time, improved quality and enhanced output

upto 5%

Increase in Machine Throughputs and Yield

Our solutions_

Master data management

Reduce manual effort and allow data stewards to maintain their data themselves

Sales and operations

Demand planning is the process of forecasting demand for products offered by a business

Trim Optimization

Powerful, state-of-the-art multi-threaded algorithms find the most efficient trim solution to achieve the best possible result ​

Master production schedule

​ The overall plan to assess the production of your finished goods

Capacity resource planning

Conducting a CRP analysis is a critical management tool, as it helps a company to know if it can meet the demand for its product

Advance planning & Scheduling

APS helps users reduce production setup times, manage their resources, and provide realistic due dates to customers

Inventory and warehouse

Determining the optimal quantity and timing of inventory for the purpose of aligning it with sales and production capacity

Manufacturing execution system

MES is to ensure effective execution of the manufacturing operations and improve production output

Material resource planning

The ability to forecast and plan for materials and components for effective management

we have a deep understanding of how to implement the solution within the framework of the best practices of your industry.

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