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Hype Studio provides a complete range of e-commerce services, allowing our clients to build a strong online presence, foster improved customer engagement, and generate increased sales

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Digital commerce Solutions_

At Hype Studio, we provide a comprehensive range of ecommerce services, including consulting, online store development, integration, and ongoing support. Our goal is to empower merchants with the tools and expertise they need to ensure the success of their new or existing ecommerce store.
With our tailored ecommerce solutions, clients can establish a strong digital presence, enhance customer engagement, and drive increased sales. We are committed to delivering high-quality services that meet the unique needs of each business we work with. Let us help you take your ecommerce venture to new heights!

Boost your e-commerce expansion with Hype Studio

Our services_


Our team of experts offers valuable advice and strategic guidance to ecommerce companies seeking to enhance their digital stores, boost customer engagement, and explore new avenues for growth.



We specialize in developing customer-centric ecommerce solutions tailored to suit various business models. Our team equips these solutions with a wide array of useful features designed specifically to cater to your target audience's needs and accommodate your unique business requirements.



Hype Studio's development team excels in seamlessly connecting your ecommerce website with reliable payment gateways, accounting software, marketing automation tools, customer support solutions, and other essential in-house or third-party systems.



We bolster the security of digital stores to ensure safer online transactions, safeguard customers and their sensitive data, and enable retailers to proactively prevent potential financial and reputational risks.


Customer experience

Our team provides merchants with powerful cross-channel data collection and analysis tools, enabling them to identify trends and behavioral patterns in customer journeys, evaluate user sentiment, and pinpoint areas for enhancing the overall customer experience.


Data analytics tool

Our team of experts provides a tailored integration solution that seamlessly connects your ecommerce platform with an advanced analytics tool. By aggregating and analyzing data from various channels, this will offer you a comprehensive understanding your customers, streamline stock and inventory management.


Our team have helped large retailer streamline customer data processing and enabled AI powered customization

About Hype Software Studio 

15+ years in Digital commerce consulting & services

80+ successfully completed projects of varying scales across diverse industries.


We possess hands-on expertise in delivering out-of-the-box, custom, and hybrid ERP solutions.

Our team comprises 30+ certified industry experts, each with over 18 years of experience in their respective portfolios.



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Digital commerce solution we develop

Leveraging our extensive experience in ecommerce development, we specialize in delivering tailor-made, feature-rich solutions for online retailers of all scales. Our solutions are designed to optimize ecommerce workflows and offer customers seamless shopping experiences, ensuring your business stands out in the competitive online landscape.

E-commerce store_

At Hype Studio, we develop online stores featuring responsive design, user-friendly navigation, seamless checkout processes, and comprehensive customer support options. We offer integration services to connect your store with relevant retail tools, creating a cohesive ecommerce environment that streamlines operations and empowers data-driven decision-making.

E-commerce portals_

At Hype Studio, we create ecommerce portals aligned with your brand's vision and tailored to meet your specific business requirements. Our portals facilitate seamless online deal management, secure payment processing, and engaging interactions with your target audience. By integrating robust analytics tools, we enable you to craft personalized buying experiences for your customers and stay agile in response to changes in consumer behavior.

Digital marketplace_

We specialize in developing high-performance online marketplaces that bring together multiple ecommerce vendors and customers, unlocking access to untapped customer segments and boosting profitability for businesses. Our marketplace solutions come equipped with dedicated dashboards and tailored features designed to cater to the needs of administrators, vendors, and customers, ensuring a seamless and efficient marketplace experience for all stakeholders involved. 

E-commerce ERP_

We specialize in implementing a unified ecommerce ERP solution that effectively gathers data from various disparate systems, providing online businesses with enhanced workflow visibility and improved data control. Our goal is to streamline operations and empower businesses with a comprehensive view of their data, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize their ecommerce processes.

E-commerce CRM_

The CRM software provided by Hype Studio empowers digital merchants to access valuable insights about their existing customers and even attract potential new customers. By leveraging this data, businesses can create personalized shopping experiences, optimize promotional campaigns, enhance the sales pipeline, and efficiently manage their sales teams.


We specialize in creating robust point-of-sale solutions that seamlessly support credit cards and various payment methods. Our expertise extends beyond traditional POS systems, as we assist entrepreneurs in implementing additional features for efficient inventory management, employee tracking, customer relations, and sales management.

Supercharge your ecommerce expansion with Hype Studio.

Advanced technologies in ecommerce​_

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we empower online businesses to provide exceptional customer experiences and gain a competitive advantage.


We have the capability to integrate AR and VR technologies into your ecommerce store, enhancing customer experiences with immersive interactions and aiding them in making confident purchasing decisions.

E-commerce project roadmap_

1. Planning

Defining the necessary requirements for the ecommerce solution.

2.  Design

Engaging in hands-on prototyping, reviewing specifications, and conducting technical wireframe for UI/UX design.

3. Coding/dev

Performing coding, front-end and back-end development, as well as integrating with other systems and tools.

4. Testing

Conducting comprehensive end-to-end acceptance testing and providing expert supervision.

5. Deployment

Executing the final project deployment, conducting post-release testing, and providing corporate training.

6. Support

Conducting performance monitoring, implementing software upgrades, performing repairs, and fixes.

Ecommerce platform we work with


We carefully choose the most suitable off-the-shelf ecommerce platform and customize it to create a storefront tailored to your products or services. Our approach is based on your specific business needs, available budget, and growth goals:


 Key features

  • Intuitive UI and navigation  
  • Drag-and-drop website builder 
  • Inventory and delivery management
  • Built-in marketing promotion tools 
  • SEO features 
  • Multiple store management 
  • Integration with payment platforms and shipping services 
  • BI and reporting capabilities

 Deployment type

  • Online SaaS
  • On-premises


 Target enterprises

Enterprises from small to large



 Key features

  • Multiple mobile-friendly design templates 
  • Customizable secure checkout
  • Multiple payment options 
  • SEO and marketing tools
  • Automated recurring administrative tasks 
  • Thousands of free and paid applications for storefront customization 
  • Features and tools for inventory, marketing, payment, and shipping management 
  • 50 languages and translation support 
  • Location-based tax management services

 Deployment type

  • Online SaaS

 Target enterprises

Enterprises from small to large


Adobe Commerce (Magento)   

 Key features

  • Multi-branding 
  • Cross-channel shopping enablement 
  • Adobe Sensei AI-powered dynamic content, tiered pricing, and personalized recommendations  
  • Real-time inventory management with sourcing and stock tracking 
  • SEO tools BI features for real-time ecommerce metric analysis 
  • 150 language packs and regional extensions

 Deployment type

  • Online SaaS
  • Public/Private cloud

 Target enterprises

Enterprises from small to large (B2B - B2C)


Flexible and easily scalable cloud based solutions

Our best practice_

Cost effective development

By collaborating with us to build online stores, even small businesses can find a cooperation model that aligns with their budget and project objectives.


Customer-centric solution

We prioritize customers and create user-friendly, device-agnostic solutions that deliver seamless shopping experiences.


Technical compliance

Collaborating with our skilled team, businesses receive solutions fully compliant with PCI DSS, GDPR, and other relevant regulations, accompanied by expert guidance on top-notch data protection practices.


Technical expertise

Our developers possess the expertise to precisely define the optimal functionality and suitable technology stack for the final solution.


Data security

With a strong emphasis on safeguarding buyers' and sellers' data, our employs state-of-the-art technologies to thwart cyber attacks and ensure the security of sensitive information.


On-Time delivery

Thanks to our adoption of well-established project management methodologies, we consistently meet deadlines and deliver solutions punctually.


Big data analysis 
for E-commerce retail industry

The importance of big data analysis solutions for retail businesses to succeed in the era of personalized omnichannel customer experience.

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Digital commerce solution for retail industry

Use case How Hype studio have delivered the magento based digital commerce solution for a German based retail business

More Details

We utilize cutting-edge technologies to assist online businesses in providing exceptional customer experiences and gaining a competitive advantage.

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