Digital commerce solution for retail industry

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Digital commerce solution for retail industry
Hype Software Studio, Hitesh Bansal


Our customer is a German retail company offering IoT solutions for SMBs across different industries. To provide an enhanced shopping experience to their clients, they planned to launch a web store that would contain hundreds of sensors for IoT .

The customer wanted the store to be based on Magento as they were well acquainted with the platform and its scalability and product catalog management capabilities. The retail solution would also have to be integrated with different supplier systems to access product data.

Having considered several options, the customer hired Hype Studio to provide ecommerce services for the project due to our expertise in Magento.


Our team was fully responsible for the development and delivery of the retail solution. We developed an Adobe-based Magento ecommerce store aggregating hardware and software products from different suppliers. We also customized the Adobe theme and enriched its default functionality with ready-made extensions and changes in the code to enable better navigation, custom permissions management, optimized cart functioning, and more.

Disclaimer: According to the non-disclosure agreement that we signed with the customer, we cannot reveal the screenshots of the real system. Here we provide a few similar screenshots created to offer the reader an idea of the solution we developed.

Integrated with payment and delivery systems, including UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS, the solution consists of an admin panel and a client-facing website. To step up the default Adobe functionality, we added the modules enabling product import from the Etilize file that consolidates product information from different vendors, as well as out-of-stock item replacement with the lowest price items.

Lease feature

Our team also delivered a lease feature for the solution that enables checking whether products are applicable for lease. The customer’s clients provide their rates, and if prices fit the requirements, the products are assigned pop-up links, enabling buyers to see available leases and their terms together with the lease submission form link.


Since the customer uses QuickBooks for accounting, our team set up the Magenest extension and integrated the solution with QuickBooks. We also added the Mageplaza promo banner extension for slider banners. In addition to this, since vendors occasionally provide discounts for their products, we added the discount mailing feature allowing buyers to submit coupons, receipts, or product barcodes and receive a check for a particular amount.

Our team also added MageСomp’s Magento 2 Save Cart Pro to the retail solution to enable creating several carts and choosing the cart to add goods to. To ensure payment system integration, we also added the Magenest Moneris module.

Integrations with suppliers’ databases

Considering the customer had several thousand products to manage from different suppliers and planned to grow their supplier base, the retail solution had to be integrated with numerous databases to get product info. The customer’s initial plan was to integrate via API but it turned out that not all of the suppliers had an API and some of them had APIs that were difficult to integrate.

To solve the problem, we integrated the retail solution with Etilize. It aggregates the output file and product pictures daily so that the customer’s website could display correct information about the available products and their prices.

The solution imports product data every night. Initially, the automated process in the background set up product pictures that were ready for display after the product data was imported. The script checked which pictures were already present on the website and then loaded the missing ones. But due to this, the website server’s performance started decreasing. Our team set up an AWS environment that included AWS Amazon RDS and EC2 instances and utilized Varnish Cache to accelerate the site’s performance. As a result, page loading time sped up from 3-5 seconds to less than a second.

The Amazon RDS instance contains the customer’s Adobe database that aggregates product data from suppliers through Etilize. To ensure fast website search, we set up the Elasticsearch node with its own data indexing process performed every night.


We delivered a comprehensive ecommerce solution based on Adobe commerce Magento that provides growth capabilities to the customer and an enhanced shopping experience to customers. Our team also delivered a number of optimizations in the solution, including up to 5x faster page load time, which led to the following results:

  • 90k+ customers shopping via the ecommerce solution
  • 6x growth of partner base
  • 300x increase in the number of offered products, including hardware and software items

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