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Cable-PRO is a AI based Cable building solution making your PLM process streamlined and simplifying product design process from days to hours.

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Streamlining Cable Building

CablePRO represents a comprehensive cable design software solution suitable for a wide spectrum of cables, encompassing LV cables, fiber-optic cables, and even subsea cables. This cable design software emerged in response` to the cable industry's need for streamlining the intricate management of cable design data, covering everything from the initial design concept to the seamless delivery of the complete bill-of-materials directly to the ERP system.

Design Workflow.

  • The mass design generation with design master
  • Auto design validation with pre-configured locks
  • Possibility of having template based design
  • Version management to maintain multiple version of same design based on client or  design requirements
  • Design simulation for easy cost comparison between same design with different material and layer combination


Seamless ERP Integration

The CablePRO solution has seamlessly merged with numerous ERP systems. The modular structure of this cable design software offers flexibility, allowing users to implement the core Design module initially and seamlessly incorporate additional modules as per specific needs and requirements.

Our dedicated Professional Services team offers their expertise and necessary services to facilitate this integration, allowing you to prioritize your core objectives.

Simplify the complex management of cable design data


It boasts a robust feature set, serving as a valuable tool for reducing design and maintenance time, generating professional-grade 2D drawings, datasheets, and catalogs, refining manufacturing instructions, and curbing rework and wastage

Provision to include manufacturing capabilities

Routing information's and capability check of Machine Vs Design

Flexible to handle both single and multi level concepts

With and Without sub-Assemblies

Pre-configured layers for easy selection

Wire Drawing, Stranding, Insulation, Screening, Sheathing etc.,

10+ Pre-configured specifications – Ready to design

IEC – (60502-1, -2, 60092, 60227, 60228, 60840)
BS - (5467, 6231, 6346, 6387, 6500, 6622, 6724)
BSEN – (50288, 50525, 50618 etc.,)

Maximum automation based on dependency characteristics – Minimal user selection

Bedding / sheathing material, Armour size and nos etc.,

Dynamic estimated weight report with core technical parameters for designer validation

Like thickness, overlapping % etc.,

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Design capabilities   

Matrix design functionality – Mass design generation with design master

Using the master design, Cores and Sizes combinations can be created from single Click

Design Save and Retrieval – For handling client specific designs

Auto design validation with 
pre-configured locks

Configurable as per client requirements

Version management for design library

Maintain multiple versions of the same design based on Client or Design requirements

Possibility of having template based design

​Design stimulation with price comparison 

Easy cost comparison between same design with different material and layer combinations

CablePRO offers robust design process to reduce design time from days to 2 hours using matrix design.

Custom reports  

Single and mass generation of

  • Estimated Material Weights-EMW
  • Technical Data Sheets -TDS
  • Cross-Sectional Drawing – CSD (From Stored Library)

​​Standard electrical calculations as per IEC 60287 (Single Circuit)

Like Conductance, Impedance, current Rating etc.,

Easily configurable client format TDS without re-designing

Power Bi reporting at various levels


With CablePRO you can maintain multiple versions of the same design based on client or design requirements

​One Single Source of
Truth for IT/OT.

An End-To-End solution for data quality, data governance and master data management.

  • Eliminate Data Silos
  • Improve Data Quality
  • Deliver Insight and Automate Actions Across Enterprise

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Work-flow trigger for design review and approvals
Reduce person dependency
Easily configurable for new specifications / Standard

CablePRO allows you to smoothly oversee cable product data throughout the usual workflow stages of Design, Production, Customer Quotation, Ordering, Quality Assurance, and ERP system integration.

Same results with multiple design engineers
Minimal training to start using the tool
Multiple responsibilities can be assigned within the system

Additional plug n play enterprise modules

CablePRO offers a customized solution for your complex technical requirements. Designed for all kinds of cables, such as power cables, instrumentation cables, telecom cables, optical fiber cables, or hybrid cables. And tool can be tailored to your specific needs.

Cost module

Quotation module

Quality module

Asset module


Production module

Have you got the cable building solution requirement for your manufacturing

Our team of cable design experts is available to assist you in deploying the solution tailored to your specific business requirements.

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