Internet of Things (IoT)

With expertise in programming languages tailored for IoT, our engineers possess extensive knowledge of third-party IoT platforms and microcontroller-based boards.

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Internet of things IoT solutions

We develop solutions that establish connections between products, harnessing the capabilities of machine learning and advanced analytics to enhance your efficiency. Our integrated services are designed to facilitate the delivery and management of IoT services.

Our services_


Our consultants will aid in transforming your vision into a practical strategy for adopting IoT technology. They will help create a project roadmap that is in harmony with your business objectives.

IoT platform development_

We will provide a comprehensive IoT hub that allows you to effortlessly oversee, configure, and monitor a network of various interconnected devices through a single centralized control center.


IoT application development_

Our team develops robust mobile applications for both employees and consumers, enabling end users to utilize the capabilities of IoT devices anytime and anywhere.

IoT data analysis_

Our developers establish tailored business intelligence systems capable of extracting precise predictions and actionable insights from the vast amount of data generated by IoT devices.

Engage with Next-Gen Industrial IoT Solutions

Enterprise IoT



    We establish connectivity between your enterprise devices, spanning from manufacturing equipment to corporate tablets, to form a cohesive and easily manageable IoT ecosystem.


    Hype Studio's team facilitates remote sensor management and data collection through customized IoT software, allowing continuous monitoring of the organizational environment.

    Beacons BLE

    We elevate your enterprise IoT ecosystem by incorporating beacons, creating fresh connectivity possibilities for both indoor and outdoor smart devices.

Consumer IoT


    Smart home

    Leveraging our proficiency in AI and mobile development, we aid in constructing self-governing home automation systems that prioritize security and convenience.

    Medical -IoT

    Our experts assist healthcare systems and medical practices in transforming the concept of M-IoT into tangible reality by establishing interconnected networks of both medical-grade and consumer-grade devices..

    ​Connected vehicles

    Custom AI-based platforms developed by Hype Studio's IoT engineers are propelling the future of autonomous vehicles, fostering intelligent interaction among automotive sensors..

IoT software development: key stages_

1. Connectivity

Our team assists you in selecting the suitable IoT connectivity protocols for your specific use case, considering factors like target coverage range and device types.

2.  Prototyping

We create interactive prototypes that include functional UI/UX and backend, incorporating connectivity protocols, to validate the assumptions of your project.

3. Data processing

Our team has the capability to integrate third-party tools for data collection, processing, and visualization, or to develop the required functionality from the ground up.

4. Encryption

We secure your IoT environment against cybersecurity vulnerabilities and align it with both global and case-specific security guidelines.

Unlock Value Through IoT Platform Utilization

Let's discuss strategy for your IoT project

IoT development for your industry_

IoT for logistics_ 

We collaborate with logistics partners to enhance supply chain transparency through sensor-driven Internet of Things solutions. Our offerings include networks of interconnected devices that empower cargo owners and shipping collaborators to monitor cargo location, delivery velocity, and also oversee warehousing and shipment conditions.

    • Cargo location tracking
    • Fire detection
    • Goods temperature conditions monitoring
    • Smart locks
    • Connected lighting and temperature monitoring


IoT for manufacturing_

We introduce the Internet of Things to the manufacturing process, allowing you to attain comprehensive control over each production stage, effectively oversee factory-floor assets, and ensure improved and safer working conditions for both on-site staff and those in the field.

    • Connected manufacturing equipment
    • Industrial robots
    • Environmental sensors
    • Employee wearables
    • Safety sensors
    • Assets tracking sensors 

IoT for retail_

We create integrated ecosystems that unite physical and digital sales channels, simultaneously optimizing store operations. With capabilities ranging from delivering personalized offers to customers' devices to monitoring inventory levels on each shelf, the Internet of Things empowers retail stores to achieve these feats.

    • Intelligent shelving
    • Automated cashier systems
    • Beacon technology
    • Cashier less shopping solution
    • Refrigeration temperature monitoring remotely


IoT for agriculture_

Our team provides tailored IoT solutions for smart agriculture, incorporating devices that enable real-time monitoring of fields, livestock, and weather conditions. These systems come with controls for irrigation and fertilization, along with data analysis tools that operate at both predictive and prescriptive levels.

    • Livestock monitoring devices
    • Climate-sensing sensors
    • Water supply management controls
    • Agricultural drone technology
    • Soil monitoring sensors
    • Environmental conditions sensing


IoT for healthcare_

Our experts are capable of equipping your clinical establishment with comprehensive IoT software solutions that seamlessly integrate all medical devices and wearables into a unified network. This empowers your healthcare team to remotely monitor and provide treatment to patients, as well as access real-time patient data for quicker and more precise diagnoses and care..

    • Temperature monitoring
    • Intelligent insulin pumps
    • Wearable devices for patients
    • Smart hospital beds
    • Panic button 
    • Remote patient condition monitoring


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