People Counting & Occupancy

A solution with smart technology that provides real-time visibility of occupancy and space utilization across large venues, retail, workspaces, and restrooms


Feedback/Survey Monitoring

Place a small, customizable connected dashboard or button in any area where customer feedback is essential. Collect feedback effortlessly.


Temperature Monitoring

Monitor temperature conditions of walk-in coolers, freezers, and other food storage areas to maintain proper food safety. Plus, door open/close monitoring.


Indoor Asset Tracking

Easily tracks high-value indoor assets with Bluetooth beacons. Provides 24/7 on-demand location reporting. Improves business efficiency and reduces operating costs.

Panic Buttons

Ensure worker safety by providing wearable buttons that can be used to alert security in case of an emergency and accurately report location.



Hardware, equipment and other valuable items that should not be moved can be outfitted with a sensor that will send an alert when the object is touched or moved.


Energy Metering

Reduce power consumption through efficient metering. Increased consumption monitoring and streamlined data collection allow for lower energy bills .


Indoor Air Quality

Create an optimal environment with indoor air quality monitoring. Protect customer and employee health and meet indoor air quality regulations


Leak Detection

Avoid costly repairs. Receive alerts when water is detected in areas where appliances are present; such as water heaters, sinks, utility closets, and bathrooms


A scalable, end-to-end remote monitoring solution

Select from a range of user-friendly sensors that wirelessly link to a central gateway. Customize a solution tailored to your business's operational requirements, enabling you to expand and build upon your initial investment.