Predictive Maintenance

Plants need to be running efficiently. Prevent failures, reduce downtime, and save money with wireless sensors that monitor motors, compressors, pumps, and more!


Tool and Asset Tracking

Easily tracks high-value indoor assets. Provides 24/7 on-demand location reporting. Improves business efficiency and reduces operating costs


Leak Detection

Avoid costly repairs. Receive alerts when water is detected in areas where machinery is present, such as water heaters, sinks, utility closets, and bathrooms.


Water Metering

A complete water-saving solution that automates water leak detection and save thousands from undetected toilet leaks with SMS and email alerts.


Optimize building management systems with modbus data to decrease energy use and reduce operating expenses across any plant.


Tank Level Monitoring

Sensors are used for measuring materials bins, water levels, and other tank types. The sensor is above a surface that may rise or fall over time. Receive alerts and reports about the levels.


Energy Metering

Reduce power consumption through efficient metering. Increased consumption monitoring and streamlined data collection allow for lower energy bills .


Indoor Air Quality

Create an optimal facility environment with indoor air quality monitoring. Protect employee health and meet indoor air quality regulations.


Lone Worker Safety

Ensure employee safety in the workplace by providing wearable buttons that alert personnel in case of an emergency and accurately report location.


A scalable, end-to-end remote monitoring solution

Select from a range of user-friendly sensors that wirelessly link to a central gateway. Customize a solution tailored to your business's operational requirements, enabling you to expand and build upon your initial investment.