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Applying today's best practices, leveraging our exceptional expertise in manufacturing and distribution, and utilizing a flexible and proven methodology, our services are geared to deliver results you never imagined possible. We collaborate with the following industry-leading platforms:


Drive Digital ROI by enabling Core Processes


The process of identifying potential markets, developing tailored offerings, entering those markets, generating sales, and providing ongoing customer service, all with the ultimate goal of satisfying customer needs and preferences.


The process of forecasting and planning demand, coordinating the supply of materials, scheduling production, executing schedules, managing inventory, ultimately leading to supply fulfillment.


The sequential process of receiving, processing, and invoicing customer orders, managing accounts receivable, and concluding with cash transactions.


The systematicprocess of identifying requirements, sourcing suppliers, managing orders, materials, and services, handling accounts payable, culminating in payments.



Product development is the systematic process of creating, testing, and launching new products to meet market needs and business goals.


The investment lifecycle entails identifying, allocating resources to, managing, developing, and divesting assets to optimize returns.


Maintenance involves identifying service needs, resource planning, task execution, inventory management, equipment analysis, and continuous improvement.







The employment lifecycle involves staffing needs determination, recruitment, training, compensation, performance evaluation, and retirement facilitation.
The financial process encompasses structuring, recording, settling, reporting, analyzing, and managing financial activities to support decision-making.


Real-Time Visibility Enabling a 
Sentient Supply Chain by CABLE-S/4HANA

Digital technology plays a pivotal role in today's supply chain, where balancing various competing priorities is crucial—such as fostering revenue growth amidst inflationary pressures and simultaneously advancing sustainability efforts while enhancing resilience. By leveraging our Futuristic Supply Chain solution, we aim to provide decision-makers with enhanced visibility, thereby significantly improving the likelihood of making informed decisions, as local/cross-functional decision-makers are reported to be 83% more likely to do so.

  • Production Planning
  • Material Requirement Planning and Procurement
  • Logistics and Fleet Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Yard Operations
  • Dispatch and Loading
  • Commercial Management and Pricing
  • Order Management
  • Shopfloor Control (Manufacturing Execution)
  • Quality Control and Management
  • Invoicing and Billing

Futuristic. Supply Chain.
Traditional. Supply Chain.
All Sales and Pre-slaes activities - Enquiry and Leads, Customer Management, Retention, Negotiations
  • Finance Management and Treasury
  • Product Cost Management
All Financial Payments, Receivables, Cash Management and Cost Management of Materials, Labour and Overheads, P&L and Balance Sheets.


Customer Relationship and Sales

Ready-TO-Run Cloud ERP Solution

Proven best practices

Comes with business processes that incorporate industry standard best practices

Fast time to value

Gets you started quickly using a guided implementation process, fast technical setup, and role-based, intuitive interface for everyone.

Automatic and continual updates

Updates fully managed by SAP so you don’t need extensive IT resources or face disruption to the business

Continuous innovation

Adds the latest technology, such as built-in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), robotic process automation (RPA), and analytics so your business operates better

Security, compliance, and scalability

Handles technical operations including backup and disaster recovery, system maintenance, data protection, and best-in-class uptimes to give you peace of mind  

Open and extensible

Provides ready-to-go APIs with supporting tools and documentation so you can easily integrate with your partners or build on top

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Achieve more with CABLE-S/4HANA ERP.


Reduction of manufacturing
Wastes and subsequent reduction in material consumption and costs

upto 20%

Reduction in Raw Material, MRO and Finished Goods inventory leading to lower working capital costs


Increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness due to visibility of available machine time, improved quality and enhanced output

upto 20%

Increase in Machine Throughputs and Yield

Understand How We Can Tackle Your Manufacturing Challenges

With the latest innovations gain insight into how we can tackle your supply chain obstacles by CABLE-S/4HANA ERP and your entire business can take advantage of the Industry best practices and built-in intelligence.

Sales & Operation Planning

Demand planning is the process of forecasting demand for products offered by a business

Master Production Schedule

The overall plan to assess the production of your finished goods

Material Resource Planning

The ability to forecast and plan for materials and components for effective management

Capacity Requirement Planning

Conducting a CRP analysis is a critical management tool, as it helps a company to know if it can meet the demand for its product

Inventory Management

Determining the optimal quantity and timing of inventory for the purpose of aligning it with sales and production capacity

Manufacturing Execution System

MES is to ensure effective execution of the manufacturing operations and improve production output.

Scraps Optimization

The optimization of scrap management, aiming at improvements of the process performance.


Embrace efficiency, cut costs, and revolutionize procurement with advanced technology and strategies.

Warehouse Management

A reliable system supporting logistics processes and ensuring complete visibility of inventories and business operations.

Finance Management

Enhancing the quality of their financial accounting data, more precise recording of transactions, and providing deeper insights into their financial health through improved visibility and analysis.

Sales Overview

Sales Order Fulfillment

Sales Volume

Inventory Management Overview

General Ledger Overview

Account Payable Overview

Procurement Overview

Actual vs Planned Production Order

Imagine The Impact on 
Decision-Making Outcomes

If we actively support local decision-makers with digital analytics from a global perspective, it will empower the calculation and oversight of costs to enhance end-to-end profitability. Additionally, it fosters interdepartmental collaboration for mutual benefit, centralizes coordination, and orchestrates actions to achieve optimal end-to-end performance.

Hire-To-Retire Process.

Leverage AI in HR to revolutionize your end-to-end employee lifecycle, enhancing workforce planning, fostering deeper employee engagement, and aligning the employee experience with your business objectives.

Grow Smart.

No matter who you are, with a growing library of games and experiences there is no limit to where you can go and what you can do in virtual reality.

​Agile Workforce.​

Swiftly analyze and forecast workforce supply and demand, identify gaps, devise targeted talent strategies, and craft action plans to cultivate an optimal workforce composition aligned with financial objectives. 

​User Experience.​

Accelerate task completion through seamless integration of a single AI assistant across SAP applications, offering tailored HR insights and context-sensitive guidance, while providing prompt answers for swift decision-making.

Maximize Asset Health and

Enhance the maintenance and servicing of physical assets through real-time insights, IoT, machine learning, mobility, and advanced predictive analytics.

Transform the way you
Manufacture and Scale.

Empower Local Decision-Making for Maximizing Digital ROI.

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